The old barn and mangazina (warehouse) to the right of the main building house an archive/library annex and reading room dedicated primarily to the arts; the archives of May Henriquez (and those of her ancestors) are currently being catalogued. These archives include, besides books, invitations to virtually all art-exhibitions ever held on the island, posters of cultural events, program books, hundred of photos, newspaper clippings, and much, much more. The items mostly relate to Curaçao and its culture, although we also offer a good deal of documentation on foreign artists and culture.

The Library continues to grow its collection through the acquisition of carefully selected publications which complement our selection. Being a non profit organization, we must be frugal when considering new titles. Nevertheless we strive to acquire all materials which can be considered required reading for people who wish to research the arts in our library, with a particular interest in local documentation.

In the gallery off the main hall of the Landhuis, we also offer a reading table with a variety of literature for our visitors’ to read on the premises. We have subscriptions to several of the most important art magazines in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.