Herman van Bergen (1953, Netherlands) is a versatile artist, who made a key contribution to art and art awareness in the Caribbean. In 1989, after he studied art and anthropology in the Netherlands, Van Bergen moved to Curaçao. The Caribbean turned out to be a continuous source of inspiration for Van Bergen. While Caribbean art in general is characterized by bright and vivid colors, Van Bergen focuses on the turbulent history of the region and the ongoing struggle of its people. Van Bergen seeks a balance between beauty and ugliness and between creation and destruction, as neither can exist without its counterpart. The relation between creation and destruction is most clearly present in Van Bergen’s sculptures made of the thorns of the Acacia Tortuosa locally referred to as the Wabi. In May of 2016 Van Bergen received the Cola Debrot Prize from the Curacao Government for his contribution to the Visual Arts of Curacao. Van Bergen is currently constructing a building-sized labyrinth with walls of thorns: the Cathedral of Thorns on the premises of Landhuis Bloemhof. A project in process you can also visit!